What is MuseUs ?

The version of MuseUs created for "NETWERK, centrum voor hedendaags kunst" in Aalst, Belgium for iPhone, iPad(2+) and iPod touch is available here.

The aim of MuseUs is to provide a modern, mobile experience that attracts people to a museum by allowing them to interact with the works on display in a new way. The application presents a list of statements. Visitors must find works on display that according to them match the assignment. By doing this, the visitor creates her own exhibition and learns new ways of looking at the exhibits. Interacting with the exhibits in the museum is done through QR codes. Scanning a QR code allows the visitor to either get information on the exhibit or to match the exhibit with a statement. During the game, the visitor can follow the progress of the other users, on a separate visualization that can be projected in the museum. The application was conceived so that this can be done with minimal investment from the museum.

What do you need as a museum ?

  • An exposition, permanent or not
  • QR codes next to the works on display
  • Some content describing the works
  • Optionally, a wifi connection
  • A screen or projector on which to display the game progress

What do you need as a player ?

An iPhone or iPod. In the future, we plan versions for Android and Windows phone 7.


For more info, contact pieter.ballon_at_ibbt.be